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You may choose from three email server storage plans as listed – 10gb, 25gb or 50gb.

Pricing is “ANNUAL“. 

Our “managed” email “service” is set up for you. We manage it whilst still providing you access to it. Management includes the setup of new email addresses, aliases, spam settings, black/white lists etc. Service includes the portal that allows such control over email settings. We recommend choosing an SLA to ensure we can support you and avoid the occasional 15 minute billing.

This does not mean we can read your emails. This is an amazing service that goes beyond a simple per user mailbox.

EACH mail server option includes unlimited domains and email addresses. We do not charge PER email address – this is a significant saving. Competitors on average charge $5 per month, per email address and deliver less control. Your only limit is the storage size you select… and YES, you can upgrade or downgrade with a click. However, we cannot a greater than 50GB plan.

You may opt to subscribe to multiple Email Server plans i.e. 2x 50gb if you require more space. However, they may be on different mail servers (different IMAP/SMTP server settings) and you cannot move a domain from one server plan to another. Example: If you seek to set up four (4) domains with a total of twenty (20) email mailboxes and each mailbox is intended to have 5gb of storage, you should purchase two (2) 50gb plans and split the domains – 2 domains, 10 email mailboxes on each server.

You may also “forward” for free. This may be an option for non-critical email. Example: may be a held mailbox with 10gb of storage. However, (where replies may not be necessary) could be forwarded to (a free google gmail mailbox). Mail forwarded will not be stored and will not consume your storage allocation.


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